DOUBLE TAKE: Evidence of Reincarnation?

Is George Carlin the return of Charles Darwin?

Is George Carlin the return of Charles Darwin?

Just to get us started in the world of the “strange and unexplained” take a look at the pics at the link below.  These are comparison pics of celebrities and some historical figures although some are unidentified.  Do these pics add evidence to the theory of REINCARNATION?  For now, I’ll let you be the judge.  Have a look for yourself and feel free to comment……………..

John Travolta...a man out of time?

John Travolta…a man out of time?

Jack Black has a striking resemblance to Paul Revere!

Jack Black has a striking resemblance to Paul Revere!

And if Nicolas Cage isn't a Time Traveler I'll eat my...well you know LOL

And if Nicolas Cage isn’t a Time Traveler I’ll eat my…well you know LOL

So are these pics evidence of reincarnation or just a coincidence?  Sorry but I personally do not believe in coincidence.  In fact, I think a lot of times we pass things off as coincidence so we don’t have to face the truth which, admittedly, is sometimes scary.  Sadly, many people today live somewhere out in La-La-Land in their own little fantasy worlds where everything is hunky dory and everything has a happy ending.  But most especially in those little self created worlds of ours everything is explained……but NOT really!

There are literally hundreds of accounts adding evidence to reincarnation.  Children born who are master pianists from the day they can walk.  They can play a Mozart piece better than you or I could ever dream of and with NO piano lessons.  Or how about children born in an English-speaking country who speak fluent Arabic even though they’ve never heard the language and never learned it.  How do we explain this?  And let’s not forget the hundreds of accounts of children and people knowing who they used to be and where they used to live like the American lady who went to England 30 years ago (before the Internet) and went right to the very house she identified before hand while still in America saying that’s where she used to live.  But she’d never lived in England and never visited.  So how was she able to describe the street, the town, the house (inside and out), and the neighborhood perfectly?  The list goes on and on is grows every day with such accounts.

This comparison pics at the above link are nothing short of astounding especially actor/comedian Jack Black compared to the American Revolutionary hero Paul Revere.  The pic of Revere is a portrait done of him at the time he was alive.  He’s the spitting image of actor Jack Black right down to even…..THE EYES and facial structure.  And how about that comparison pick of Nicolas Cage compared to the unknown man in the old pic?  The two are almost identical right down to the eyes, face, nose, and hair.  How can this be?

And the John Travolta comparison pics.  Astounding!  Same mouth, same eyes, same nose.   It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul.  There might be more truth in that old saying than any of us might want to believe today.  And then there is the comparison pics of comedian George Carlin (one of my favorite people) and the infamous Charles Darwin who developed the Theory of Evolution!  Again, the comparison is astounding!  If Carlin would grow his beard and hair he’d be almost identical to Darwin.  Hey, maybe I’ll contact Carlin with all the questions I have about evolution?  I’ll let you know what he says LOL.

Reincarnation!  Many says it’s just ain’t so!  Others believe it is so!  Some just don’t know for sure.  BUT, when we look at and listen to the evidence presented it DOES appear that reincarnation is LIKELY.  These pics alone are so amazing in comparison that the trail of this evidence obviously leads towards reincarnation being something very, very real.

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