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PART 1: The Greatest Lies Ever Told

I’ve researched a lot of archeology and anthropology subjects in my life and I’ve come to one solid conclusion over the decades.  That is that we’ve been fed the BIGGEST LIE ever told!  In fact that LIE is so big that you could call it the “greatest lie ever told” in comparison to the “greatest story ever told.”  Lie, story, doesn’t matter what you call it.  History as we’ve been taught is one BIG LIE period!!

So is there some sort of conspiracy designed to keep us from knowing the TRUTH?  Perhaps to an extent but I think most of the lie we’ve been taught comes from our so called “experts” really having no clue what they are looking at and/or their gross failure to put all the pieces together and see the bigger picture.  Intentional?  Possibly but most likely just sheer ignorance OR a desire NOT to see or want to know the truth.

Our so called “experts” are the same who once said “if man were made to fly he’d have wings.”  Well we all know today that that was a big lie as witnessed by the fact that man does now fly in the sky and beyond.  These are also the same experts who claim that the Egyptian pyramids were simple burial chambers for ancient kings even though no corpse has ever been discovered in them.  Doesn’t that prove they were NOT burial chambers?  And when it comes to the great pyramid of Cheops wouldn’t you think that a king such as Cheops who built such a magnificent structure would have commissioned at least one life sized statue of himself so that all future humanity might stand in awe of his creation and glorify him?  Surely!  But not one statue of Cheops has ever been found at the pyramid site.  Egyptian kings had a desire for self glorification.  They were considered living demigods, part man and part god, so it stands to reason LOGICALLY that Cheops wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to glorify himself ater completion of one of the most magnificient structures ever built on planet Earth.

Our experts would have us believe that humanity today came from tree hugging apes who somehow amazingly evolved into modern man with no help from anyone over billions of years.  Astounding and ILLOGICAL!  Now maybe our ancient ancestors were tree hugging apes of some kind BUT to surmise that we simply evolved on our own without any outside help is preposterous.  The chances of that happening are one in a zillion!  Sorry but I don’t think humanity is ever that lucky!

When the evidence is looked at for what it IS instead of what we wish it to be suddenly human hisotry and human evolution takes a whole new turn.  Suddenly all of those little “mysteries” that aren’t really mysteries at all begin to come together and make sense.  In the case of human evolution the evidence strongly suggests that humanity did have help in their evolution!  Help from SOMEONE whom at this point remains unidentified positively.  For, the evidence suggests that somewhere along the lines of human evolution our DNA was manipulated and that human evolution and civilization was NOT accidental but INTENTIONALLY designed. Continue reading

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The Siberian Cauldrons: Alien Weapons in Siberia?

“We went out into the Valley of Death to really see and investigate the metal cauldrons that people claim exist there and we actually found five metallic objects buried in the marsh like swamps!”
(Russian Scientist Michale Visok; February 2013)

Cauldron1They’re known as the SIBERIAN CAULDRONS and they’ve been seen and talked about for decades in what is known as the Valley of Death in Siberia, Russia.  It’s been speculated that they are some sort of ancient weapon perhaps which rise up out of the marsh to fire lasers at incoming comets or meteors.  Now Russian scientists and researchers have returned from the region and they claim to have found PROOF that the objects are REAL!  They say they actually found five of them.

Michale Visok was the lead scientists on this expedition and he says the objects were submerged in small pools of swamp like water that is 2-3 feet deep.  He told reporters that the objects were definitely metallic and that the group walked on top of the objects and clearly heard metallic sounds when they struck the objects.  Further, Michale said the tops of the objects are very smooth to the touch but that there are sharp points along the outer edges.  Additionally, he reported that two of his team members became ill during their investigation of the five objects for no explainable reason.  He also reported that the team consisted of 3 geologists, 1 astrophysicist, 1 mechanical engineer, and 3 research assistants.

Michale refused to comment on just what he and his team believe these objects are other than saying “there is definitely something weird out there, we have no idea wha they are or what they were used for.”  The team is planning another expedition before cold weather sets in and they hope to retrieve a piece of the metal objects using a diamond drill bit but they want to be careful not to ruin whatever they are.

Many people say these objects are ancient alien artifacts and that they were/are defense weapons used to defend planet Earth against space based threats by hostile aliens, comets, or asteroids.  As evidence they site the unusual number of meteorites that have crashed or exploded in the region with one being just last year over a city in Siberia.  They also site the famous Tunguska meteorite that exploded over the area in 1908 flattening trees and knocking people and lifestock to the ground.  The Chulym meteor in 1984 and the Vitim meteor of 2002 are also sited.  Some claiming to be eyewitnesses report that the objects rise up out of the ground and fire a laser towards the sky but this has never been observed by scientists, or at least, they say so.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these SIBERIAN CAULDRONS and on Michael and his teams new expedition.  Stay tuned…..


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Is the Black Knight a 13k year old Ancient Satellite?

Black Knight1What is it?  It is estimated by some to be about 13,000 years old and it orbits above our planet Earth.  Some people claim there is not only one of these objects but TWO!  So what are they?  The one I’m referring to here is commonly known as the “Black Knight” and it’s been a “mystery” for a very long time now.

Looking at the NASA pics of it it looks almost like a black colored NASA shuttle.  One problem, however, it was spotted decades before NASA came out with the shuttles.  Some skeptics say it’s just space junk maybe from an old Soviet satellite.  Hmmm well maybe or maybe not.

The Black Knight has been around for several decades now and it has continued to be a mystery.  It has caused media interest since the 1950s and among people who investigate the strange and unusual it’s become one of the most talked about subjects there is.  When first spotted it was believed to be a Soviet satellite but that theory hasn’t received much proof.  Monitoring stations around the world report that this big black object has been transmitting radio signals now for over 50 years!  But to whom?  And to where are those signals intended?

Both the US and Russian governments have shown interest in the object designating it as an “unidentified space object” or USO.  The object has even caught the attention of amateur HAM radio operators around the world.  One of them claims to have decoded the signals coming from the Black Knight and says it is broadcasting a star chart, specifically, to the Epsilon Bootes Star System.  And this same operator says the object is at least 13K years old!  That would put the objects age in PRE-HISTORY as the normal cut off point for “History” is around 10000-12000 BCE.

Some people believe that the Black Knight was discovered long before what is claimed by the “experts.”  They say famed inventor Nikola Tesla actually intercepted its signals in 1899 after he invented and built his high voltage radio device in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They say that after Tesla discovered the signals for the next 30-50 years the signal was intercepted “more frequently” by people around the world mostly HAM radio operators.  They point out that since the 1930s astronomers around the planet have reported strange radio signals which they say come from this Black Knight.

In Venezuela in 1957 Dr Luis Corralos who was with the Communications Ministry photographed the object while taking pictures of the black Knight2Soviet spacecraft Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas.  Both Sputnik I and II, as well as other satellites, orbit from West to East but the Black Knight orbits East to West against the earth’s rotation!  Satellites are normally placed into orbit moving West to East so that they can achieve a natural rotation and maintain orbit by moving the same direction the earth does.

The St Louis Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner wrote articles about the Black Knight back in 1954 and so did Time Magazine in March of 1960.  Time reported the US Defense Department had identified the object as “the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray.  The problem with that identification is that the Black Knight doesn’t even look remotely similar to any of the USAF Discoverer satellites!  Google it for pics.

Yet, on August 23, 1954 Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine reported that the Pentagon had identified the objects as “natural, not artificial satellites.”  Notice they said objectS meaning more than one?  So what were/are they?  Artificial or natural?  Soviet space junk or something else?  Not even the Pentagon seems to know, honestly. Continue reading

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Puma Punku: City of the Gods?

Puma Punku is one of the greatest enigmas of our ancient people on this planet. Some believe this is a city that was built directly by ancient aliens! Could it be so? Maybe. It is in Bolivia near La Paz.

Watch this doc about Puma Punku, a lost alien city right here on our very own Earth!


So just who built Puma Punku?  Ancient aliens or some very smart human beings using stone tools?  When you look at the cuts of the stone it would be impossible to get such square cuts with tools made of stone and bone.  Don’t believe it?  Get yourself a deer horn for a pick, a rock for a hammer, and an part of an elk horn or round piece of granite for a chisel.  Find yourself a hard rock and get to work making exactly the kind of cut stones found at this site.  Let me know how you do and I might even come around to your neck of the woods with my square and measuring tape LOL!

What were these precisely cut slabs used for?  Let me guess….some odd unknown religious ritual?  You know I heard a rather infamous archaeologist say one time that 10 thousand years from now future archeologists will dig up one of our toilets and now having any clue what it is or what it was used for they’ll tell people then that we used it for some sort of religious ritual LOL!  Well I guess that might be true if one prays on the toilet, no?

Everything about Puma Punku screams our at us that this was an ancient city built by SOMEONE with SOPHISTICATED stone cutting tools not bones and sticks!  Whoever built this place had some very precise technology to cut these stones so perfectly.  And the billion dollar question is what were the buildings used for?  Most likely NOT religious rituals!  The whole site smells of TECHNOLOGY!

For me the jury is still out on Puma Punku as I don’t have enough evidence yet to convince me one way or the other about who built it, aliens or man OR a combination thereof.  So I’ll keep researching Puma Punku and following the trail of evidence wherever it may lead.  But one thing I will say is this.  DON’T underestimated ancient man!  They were as dumb as you may have been taught and they were NOT exactly the spear caring APE MEN either!  In fact, evidence from around the globe STRONGLY suggests that not so long ago there was a highly advanced technological society of humans on this planet that somehow met with great demise and ruin.

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