PART 1: The Greatest Lies Ever Told

I’ve researched a lot of archeology and anthropology subjects in my life and I’ve come to one solid conclusion over the decades.  That is that we’ve been fed the BIGGEST LIE ever told!  In fact that LIE is so big that you could call it the “greatest lie ever told” in comparison to the “greatest story ever told.”  Lie, story, doesn’t matter what you call it.  History as we’ve been taught is one BIG LIE period!!

So is there some sort of conspiracy designed to keep us from knowing the TRUTH?  Perhaps to an extent but I think most of the lie we’ve been taught comes from our so called “experts” really having no clue what they are looking at and/or their gross failure to put all the pieces together and see the bigger picture.  Intentional?  Possibly but most likely just sheer ignorance OR a desire NOT to see or want to know the truth.

Our so called “experts” are the same who once said “if man were made to fly he’d have wings.”  Well we all know today that that was a big lie as witnessed by the fact that man does now fly in the sky and beyond.  These are also the same experts who claim that the Egyptian pyramids were simple burial chambers for ancient kings even though no corpse has ever been discovered in them.  Doesn’t that prove they were NOT burial chambers?  And when it comes to the great pyramid of Cheops wouldn’t you think that a king such as Cheops who built such a magnificent structure would have commissioned at least one life sized statue of himself so that all future humanity might stand in awe of his creation and glorify him?  Surely!  But not one statue of Cheops has ever been found at the pyramid site.  Egyptian kings had a desire for self glorification.  They were considered living demigods, part man and part god, so it stands to reason LOGICALLY that Cheops wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to glorify himself ater completion of one of the most magnificient structures ever built on planet Earth.

Our experts would have us believe that humanity today came from tree hugging apes who somehow amazingly evolved into modern man with no help from anyone over billions of years.  Astounding and ILLOGICAL!  Now maybe our ancient ancestors were tree hugging apes of some kind BUT to surmise that we simply evolved on our own without any outside help is preposterous.  The chances of that happening are one in a zillion!  Sorry but I don’t think humanity is ever that lucky!

When the evidence is looked at for what it IS instead of what we wish it to be suddenly human hisotry and human evolution takes a whole new turn.  Suddenly all of those little “mysteries” that aren’t really mysteries at all begin to come together and make sense.  In the case of human evolution the evidence strongly suggests that humanity did have help in their evolution!  Help from SOMEONE whom at this point remains unidentified positively.  For, the evidence suggests that somewhere along the lines of human evolution our DNA was manipulated and that human evolution and civilization was NOT accidental but INTENTIONALLY designed.

Evolution?  Oh yes I know what you’re thinking.  “If evolution is so then it negates God.”  Sorry but you could not be more WRONG.  Evolution does NOT negate God nor creation!  That is when evolutionary theory is understood in a more accurate context, that being, that our human evolution was NOT accidental but was intentional and by design.  Evolutionary theory has missed the boat completely by surmising that human evolution was haphazard and a stroke of luck.  Such an assumption is utterly preposterous.  The overwhelming odds are that our evolution was not haphazard but that it was by design and intentional pulled off by SOMEONE.  Call that SOMEONE whatever you desire but the FACT remains that the EVIDENCE suggests our evolution (growth) was not accidental.

I have always believed that in this vast universe we live in there are millions of planets capable of sustaining life.  For man to think that he is someway “special” is utter ignorance.  For man to think that he is the sole creation in this vast universe is beyond utter ignorance!  Say God created man and woman on planet Earth.  Then the question becomes just what is the purpose of all of the other planets, stars, and solar systems?  Is this God schizophrenic?  Is this God suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder by wish he creates constantly yet in all of his creation he only created ONE human life form?  What then would be the purpose of all of these other planets?  For looks?  Wallpaper?  Sorry but I find this assumption rather hard to believe and the evidence does NOT support such a notion.  In fact, the evidence supports just the opposite!  The evidence strongly suggests that man is NOT the only intelligent lifeform in the universe but is one of MANY!  Sorry to rock your ego but it’s time humanity face some hard facts.

Let’s say this.  Let’s say God did create human beings as part of this growing and expanding universe.  Let’s ssay God created man as one among many lifeforms in the universe.  Let’s also say that man is nothing special but is simply one creation among maybe trillions that are just as “special.”  God created them all.  Not just man but everything else in the universe including other lifeforms some being humanoid and others not.  God in his creation shows great diversity.  Don’t believe that?  Are you blind?  Do you not see the diverse creations of God right her on planet Earth?  Open your eyes and your minds!

So let’s say God created man and woman and everything else in the universe and on planet earth and somewhere along the line beings from other worlds stumbled upon planet Earth and began to manipulate our DNA in order that we might advance.  Yet, man in his ignorance began to confuse God the Creator with these beings from other worlds who were helping humanity to advance and climb down out of the trees.  So, man became confused by these beings and thought they were the God or gods who created him but, in fact, they were NOT God or gods at all but were indeed visitors from other worlds in God’s wonderous creation.  The manipulated our DNA and gave us civilization and humanity began to evolve while God watched the whole thing unfold and aloud it to be.  No longer were we swinging in the jungle trees but now we had civilization, farming, industry, etc.  And God who created us allowed it to be so.

When it comes to the story of Biblical creation I have a problem with it as it is understood by most people today.  Sorry but MY GOD doesn’t require use of a spaceship!  Yet, the Bible is full of UFO sightings whom the writers referred to as God!  And here is the confusion I’m talking about.  For example, in the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments we have a “flaming bush,” smoke, fire, and a thunderous noise as “God” descends on Mt Sinai to give Moses the 10 Commandments.  Seriously?  God needs all this drama, fire, and smoke?  FOR WHAT?  That biblical accounts seems more to be the description of a starship landing on Mt Sinai rather than God coming down out of the sky.  In my mind God is everywhere and God has NO NEED to descend from anywhere!  God is omnipresent, meaning, God is everywhere.  So why would God need to descend from anywhere to hand Moses the 10 Commandments?  Answer….HE WOULDN’T period!  But a visitor from another of God’s created worlds would have to descend on Mt Sinai from the sky, in a space ship, complete with a thunderous noise as he fired his landing rockets, smoke, fire, etc.  Sorry but in my mind “God” descending on Mt Sinai in this manner is ridiculous.  But an alien descending in this manner onto Mt Sinai is much more logical and realistic.  Again, I ask, “Why would God need a starship?”.

Now I bet you’re thinking that I’m suggesting that God did deliver the 10 Commandments to Moses and the Israelites at all but that they were given to Moses by some alien being(s) who landed on Mt Sinai and whom Moses assumed were God and angels.  You’re absolutley right!  That IS what I am suggesting!  These 10 Commandments weren’t delivered to Moses by God at all but by alien visitors who had some interest in manipulating humankind and bringing us more into what we call “civilization.”  The 10 Commandments are basic moral codes that are necessary for any civilized society to follow if they wish to avoid chaos.  They form the foundation of ANY civilization be it human or not!  You can’t have a well ordered advancing society if people are running around stealing and murdering.  Only by making such things taboo and immoral can you begin to develop a civilized society.  And that’s exactly why these 10 basic codes for civilization were given to Moses on Mt Sinai NOT by God the Creator but by visitors from distant worlds.  So did God not have anything to do with Moses and the 10 Commandments?  Let me assure you God had EVERYTHING to do with it because God allowed this to happen!  Had God not wanted Moses to have the 10 Commandments (10 basic codes for civilization) then surely God would have prevented whatever landed on Mt Sinai from landing BUT the FACT is God DID allow it to happen.  Problem was Moses got it all confused and assumed it was God giving him these codes when it fact it was NOT.

The end result of this confusion has been that for thousands of years now the majority of human beings have assumed just as Moses did that God landed on Mt Sinai and gave Moses the 10 Commandments and none of them have ever stopped to ask the blatant question “why would God need to LAND anywhere if he is truly omnipresent?”  And none have asked why God would require some sort of rocketship to land on Mt Sinai.  God landing in some object spewing smoke, fire, and thunderous noise is NOT my idea of God our Creator.  God would have simply appeared to Moses out of nowhere without all the drama and given him the commandments but that is NOT what happened.  I believe God wanted humanity to have the 10 basic codes for civilization that we call the 10 Commandments and that God allowed visitors from other worlds to land their rocketship on Mt Sinai and give those 10 codes to Moses so that human civilization could begin in a way God wanted it to develop.  That is, by following some basic (10) moral laws.

Let’s look at another biblical example.  Ezekiel.  He’s the guy in the Bible who saw God and the angels descending in some sort of thing that he described as “wheels within wheels.”  Again, why would GOD need to descend in anything since he’s omnipresent?  When you draw our Ezekiel’s description you clearly get a spaceship of some kind!  There’s NO  MISTAKE about it!  There is no other way to draw it out based on his description.  So why do God and the Angels need a starship to land in front of the patriarch and take him up into the heavens?  Clearly what he saw was NOT God and the angels but visitors from other worlds landing in a spaceship and Ezekiel got it all confused by thinking it was God and the Angels landing.  And let’s not limit our examination to the Biblical text either as there are thousands of similar accounts in ALL other religions including ancient religions of the Romans and Greeks.

The god “myths” of the ancient Romans and Greeks are literally overflowing with “strange” stories of gods coming from the sea or sky in “boats” of fire (read rocketships).  Ancient Hindu accounts of gods are full of stories of wars in the skies, of gods flying in Vimanas (sky ships).  How do we explain this?  Why does ANY god need a sky ship or starship????  These were not gods at all but ANCIENT ALIENS visiting the earth and settling it to set humankind on the road to civilization MORE than once.  Our ancestors had no frame of reference for starships so they equated the things they saw to things they knew.  Spaceships were equated with flying chariots.  Lights were equated with torches and burning fires.  Skyships and rockets were equated with the stars.  Human beings explain things within their frame of reference.  If they have no frame of reference then they do the best they can to describe them in the frame of reference that exists.  That’s what our ancestors did because they had no frame of reference when it came to people and machines descendiing out of the skies (heavens) or seas!  Problem was that humans began to confuse GOD with off world visitors and, sadly, much of it REMAINS CONFUSED because we just won’t face the TRUTH!

And what happens if we face the TRUTH?  Does it threaten or destroy our entire concept of GOD?  Does it cause the mass failure of modern human civilization?  Does everything stop and we cease to exist?  Are all of humanity’s hopes and aspirations then suddenly dashed against the wall never to be put together again?  OF COURSE NOT!!

Should aliens land on the Capitol lawn today and expose the truth of their meddling in humanity for aeons it would not destroy my believe in God and it wouldn’t cause the destruction of human society either.  In fact, it would BOOST my belief in God and it would boost human society’s advancement!  Suddenly we would see the BIGGER PICTURE of GOD the UNIVERSAL CREATOR and discard our worn out and inaccurate concept of God as the World Creator alone!  Suddenly all the vastness of the universe would make sense to us!  Suddenly we’d be able to distinquish between ancient aliens and the one, true, and REAL GOD CREATOR OF ALL!  And suddenly we’d know that God does NOT need a starship!!  Now, yes, some of our little churches, mosques, temples, and religions might have to change a few things in terms of theology and dogma or they might just close their doors forever but isn’t TRUTH more valuable than any of our little INVENTED human religions?  In my mind the answer is a resounding YES!  And that appears to be the case in holy writs such as the Bible, Koran, and ALL other holy writ too because in case you haven’t noticed by reading them TRUTH AND WISDOM are PARAMOUNT subjects which humanity is forever ENCOURAGED to know and learn!  That’s right….GOD DOESN’T WANT US TO BE IDIOTS!!  The whole notion that exposing the truth that humanity has not only been visited by aliens but that those aliens have manipulated humanity for aeons now would set the human race on the road of TRUTH instead of keeping us on the potholed path of believing lies we believe today!  It would free humanity from our self created dogmas that serve to only keep us enslaved and away from TRUTH.  Humanity would be LIBERATED by such revelations of truth and we could get on with our evolution (growth) instead of remaining in this old RUT we’ve been in for far, far too long now!  And once we are out of that rut our growth (evolution) and change in mass attitude along with new and fantastic advancements is going to astound even the most skeptical among us!  For, humanity will know it is a creation of God and it will join or perhaps rejoin the many, many civilizations of this vast and blessed CREATION we call the UNIVERSE!  I don’t know about you but I find that exciting and fantastic!  I can hardly wait!!

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