The Siberian Cauldrons: Alien Weapons in Siberia?

“We went out into the Valley of Death to really see and investigate the metal cauldrons that people claim exist there and we actually found five metallic objects buried in the marsh like swamps!”
(Russian Scientist Michale Visok; February 2013)

Cauldron1They’re known as the SIBERIAN CAULDRONS and they’ve been seen and talked about for decades in what is known as the Valley of Death in Siberia, Russia.  It’s been speculated that they are some sort of ancient weapon perhaps which rise up out of the marsh to fire lasers at incoming comets or meteors.  Now Russian scientists and researchers have returned from the region and they claim to have found PROOF that the objects are REAL!  They say they actually found five of them.

Michale Visok was the lead scientists on this expedition and he says the objects were submerged in small pools of swamp like water that is 2-3 feet deep.  He told reporters that the objects were definitely metallic and that the group walked on top of the objects and clearly heard metallic sounds when they struck the objects.  Further, Michale said the tops of the objects are very smooth to the touch but that there are sharp points along the outer edges.  Additionally, he reported that two of his team members became ill during their investigation of the five objects for no explainable reason.  He also reported that the team consisted of 3 geologists, 1 astrophysicist, 1 mechanical engineer, and 3 research assistants.

Michale refused to comment on just what he and his team believe these objects are other than saying “there is definitely something weird out there, we have no idea wha they are or what they were used for.”  The team is planning another expedition before cold weather sets in and they hope to retrieve a piece of the metal objects using a diamond drill bit but they want to be careful not to ruin whatever they are.

Many people say these objects are ancient alien artifacts and that they were/are defense weapons used to defend planet Earth against space based threats by hostile aliens, comets, or asteroids.  As evidence they site the unusual number of meteorites that have crashed or exploded in the region with one being just last year over a city in Siberia.  They also site the famous Tunguska meteorite that exploded over the area in 1908 flattening trees and knocking people and lifestock to the ground.  The Chulym meteor in 1984 and the Vitim meteor of 2002 are also sited.  Some claiming to be eyewitnesses report that the objects rise up out of the ground and fire a laser towards the sky but this has never been observed by scientists, or at least, they say so.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these SIBERIAN CAULDRONS and on Michael and his teams new expedition.  Stay tuned…..


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