Is the Black Knight a 13k year old Ancient Satellite?

Black Knight1What is it?  It is estimated by some to be about 13,000 years old and it orbits above our planet Earth.  Some people claim there is not only one of these objects but TWO!  So what are they?  The one I’m referring to here is commonly known as the “Black Knight” and it’s been a “mystery” for a very long time now.

Looking at the NASA pics of it it looks almost like a black colored NASA shuttle.  One problem, however, it was spotted decades before NASA came out with the shuttles.  Some skeptics say it’s just space junk maybe from an old Soviet satellite.  Hmmm well maybe or maybe not.

The Black Knight has been around for several decades now and it has continued to be a mystery.  It has caused media interest since the 1950s and among people who investigate the strange and unusual it’s become one of the most talked about subjects there is.  When first spotted it was believed to be a Soviet satellite but that theory hasn’t received much proof.  Monitoring stations around the world report that this big black object has been transmitting radio signals now for over 50 years!  But to whom?  And to where are those signals intended?

Both the US and Russian governments have shown interest in the object designating it as an “unidentified space object” or USO.  The object has even caught the attention of amateur HAM radio operators around the world.  One of them claims to have decoded the signals coming from the Black Knight and says it is broadcasting a star chart, specifically, to the Epsilon Bootes Star System.  And this same operator says the object is at least 13K years old!  That would put the objects age in PRE-HISTORY as the normal cut off point for “History” is around 10000-12000 BCE.

Some people believe that the Black Knight was discovered long before what is claimed by the “experts.”  They say famed inventor Nikola Tesla actually intercepted its signals in 1899 after he invented and built his high voltage radio device in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They say that after Tesla discovered the signals for the next 30-50 years the signal was intercepted “more frequently” by people around the world mostly HAM radio operators.  They point out that since the 1930s astronomers around the planet have reported strange radio signals which they say come from this Black Knight.

In Venezuela in 1957 Dr Luis Corralos who was with the Communications Ministry photographed the object while taking pictures of the black Knight2Soviet spacecraft Sputnik II as it passed over Caracas.  Both Sputnik I and II, as well as other satellites, orbit from West to East but the Black Knight orbits East to West against the earth’s rotation!  Satellites are normally placed into orbit moving West to East so that they can achieve a natural rotation and maintain orbit by moving the same direction the earth does.

The St Louis Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner wrote articles about the Black Knight back in 1954 and so did Time Magazine in March of 1960.  Time reported the US Defense Department had identified the object as “the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray.  The problem with that identification is that the Black Knight doesn’t even look remotely similar to any of the USAF Discoverer satellites!  Google it for pics.

Yet, on August 23, 1954 Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine reported that the Pentagon had identified the objects as “natural, not artificial satellites.”  Notice they said objectS meaning more than one?  So what were/are they?  Artificial or natural?  Soviet space junk or something else?  Not even the Pentagon seems to know, honestly.

In 1957 an unknown object was observed shadowing the Soviets Sputnik I spacecraft.  At that time reports were that the object was in a polar orbit and neither the USSR nor the USA had the technology at that time to maintain a satellite or spacecraft in a Polar orbit.  1960 was the first time an object was put into a Polar orbit and they were/are mainly observation and reconnaissance satellites.  In the 1960s the Black Knight was once again observed in a Polar orbit and astronomers and scientists around the world estimated BOTH objects weighed OVER 10 tons!  It was unlike anything else in space at the time and it moved twice the speed of any man-made spacecraft at the time.  Grumman Aircraft Corp took an interest in the objectS in 1960 also seven months after the objectS were picked up on radar.  People all around the world were spotting the Black Knight which was observed as a red light in the sky moving at a high speed from East to West.  Grumman formed an investigative committee to look into what the object might really be but their findings were never made public.

Black Knight3Back in 1963 Astronaut Gordon Cooper went into space and on the first orbit he reported a glowing green object in front of the US space capsule.  It was at a distance but was moving towards Cooper!  The Muchea Tracking Station in Australia was who Cooper reported this to and they did pick up an unidentified object on their radar moving East to West.  NBC reported the story but when Cooper returned to Earth reporters were not allowed to question Cooper about the object.  Officially, the NASA explanation was that Cooper was hallucinating.  Specifically, they said Cooper’s sighting was due to “high levels of carbon dioxide, which caused hallucinations.”  LOL YOU BET!  JUST SWAMP GAS UP THEIR IN OUTERSPACE!  NOW MOVE ALONG…..MOVE ALONG…NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!…………..BULL I say!!  Hallucinations were a standard USAF/NASA explanation at the time for explaining just about anything and everything away in the sky that MILLIONS of people around the world reported just as was SWAMP GAS and BALL LIGHTENING.  I don’t know about you but I’m NOT buying the hallucinations excuse one bit!  For decades now the “official truth” about these objects has been kept under wraps and I’m sure we’ll NEVER but NEVER get the truth.

So let’s say this Black Knight and it’s sister object are 13000 years old.  Who put them there?  For what purpose?  Ancient Aliens perhaps?  And the purpose being to watch us?  One fellow I spoke with thinks it might be an object once used by the Biblical “Watchers.”  He happens to believe that the Watchers or Nephilim of the Bible were actually Ancient Aliens and not “angels” at all.

Looking at the original NASA photos of the Black Knight and looking at some close ups from others the object is obviously very large and must weigh tons.  As I said it kind of looks like a black painted Space Shuttle but with some differences and, besides, the Space Shuttle wasn’t around back when the object was first spotted.  In one of the pics you can see what appears to be some sort of small blast coming from the rear of the object.  It’s almost like some sort of maneuvering thrusters firing.  Closer blowups of the pic reveal a large burst of energy coming from the back or one side with 3 small burst of energy coming from the other side of the front.  Was the object changing its orbit or adjusting it?  Who was firing the thruster rockets?

Take a look for yourself.  You’ll find the NASA pics at the following links:

And for some good blow up of the NASA PICS go to:

Black Knight4Frankly, I don’t know what this object is, who put it there, when they put it into orbit, or why.  I was prepared when I first heard the story to reject it until I went to the NASA site and saw the pics for myself.  I heard from some people that the blow ups had been doctored but comparing them with the NASA photos that doesn’t seem to be the case.   So you see, I had a theory that the Black Knight was not real and instead of trying to cram the evidence to fit my theory I followed the evidence and found out my initial theory was most likely NOT the case as the objects appears to be very real indeed.  I also talked to a very experienced HAM radio operator who has not heard the signals coming from this object himself but he’s heard from others operators they have.  He doesn’t know what it is and rather quickly turned the subject to Project Woodpecker.  That was a Soviet project with radar in which HAM operators in the US and elsewhere heard signals that sounded like a woodpecker.  I don’t know what that had to do with the Black Knight unless he’s trying to tell me he thinks this object is a Soviet satellite that was making the woodpecker sounds.  But, we already know those woodpecker sounds came from Soviet RADAR not satellites!

And what about the fellow who insisted the Black Knight was once used by the Biblical Watchers to watch over humankind?  He thinks the Watchers were Ancient Aliens and not angels at all.  Could be when you consider ancient humans, allegedly, had no concept of such high technology.  Or….did they?

As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on the Black Knight and we’ll look into it further in the future.

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