Welcome to Perons Crypto Museum!!

Does Bigfoot exist?  Did the dinosaurs really die out completely?  Did ancient aliens help our ancestors achieve civilization and are they still visiting us today?  Have we been lied to about our history?

Much of what we’ve been told about human history is WRONG!  It’s time to look at the FACTS for what they are instead of ignoring them or trying to sweep them under that dirty old carpet.  And that’s what this Crypto Museum online is about.  GETTING TO THE TRUTH!  Enough of the academia lies already!  Enough of explaining everything away as having some sort of “religious” significance when, really, we don’t have a clue about many artifacts!  Enough of pretending that the evidence exists put is “out of place” because it doesn’t fit into our “preconceived notions” (read LIES) or pet THEORIES!  It’s time we investigate and get to the TRUTH.  It’s time to rewrite human history accurately!  It’s time to stop with all of the waterless theories already and replace them with TRUTH supported by the evidence!  TRUE SCIENCE doesn’t begin with a theory (educated guess) set in concrete.  TRUE SCIENCE begins with a HYPOTHESIS and then the TRUE SCIENTIST follows the facts and chain of evidence WHEREVER they might lead.  When the evidence does not support the theory or hypothesis then it is changed so that it accurately reflects the EVIDENCE AND FACTS!  But TRUE SCIENCE isn’t what we have today especially in this field.  Instead what we have is the experts trying to make the evidence fit into their favorite little theories.   Frankly, they’ve got it all ASS BACKWARDS!  TRUE SCIENCE doesn’t try to force the facts to fit the theory.  Rather, the theory is changed and modified based on the EVIDENCE.

And that’s the trail we follow here at PCM.  We have plenty of theories.  Some we like.  Some we don’t!  But as far as I’m concerned ALL theories are FLUID and NOT set in concrete.  Thus, all theories here are SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on new evidence.  We’re going to FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE WHEREVER IT MIGHT LEAD!!  And if the evidence doesn’t fit the theory then WE’LL CHANGE THE THEORY and let the evidence speak for itself.  Oh yes, our egos will be bruised a bit but, hey, WE’LL GET OVER IT LOL!!

So hop aboard our little Crypto-Bus and let’s go exploring!!  And here’s some of the things we’ll be looking at:





–Evolution and Intelligent Design

–Earth Science and Geology

–Ancient Alien Theories & Modern ones

–And just about anything else where he EVIDENCE points us so we can get to the TRUTH!

Strap on your little seat belts because it’s going to be a hell of a ride!  And get ready to have some of your own pet theories either confirmed OR turned completely upside down.  And keep some small words of wisdom in mind as we explore together…..

“What we thought was not, WAS.  And what we thought was, WAS NOT!”

My name here is PERON and I’ll be your guide along this adventure.  Now let’s get started………………………….

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