Puma Punku: City of the Gods?

Puma Punku is one of the greatest enigmas of our ancient people on this planet. Some believe this is a city that was built directly by ancient aliens! Could it be so? Maybe. It is in Bolivia near La Paz.

Watch this doc about Puma Punku, a lost alien city right here on our very own Earth!


So just who built Puma Punku?  Ancient aliens or some very smart human beings using stone tools?  When you look at the cuts of the stone it would be impossible to get such square cuts with tools made of stone and bone.  Don’t believe it?  Get yourself a deer horn for a pick, a rock for a hammer, and an part of an elk horn or round piece of granite for a chisel.  Find yourself a hard rock and get to work making exactly the kind of cut stones found at this site.  Let me know how you do and I might even come around to your neck of the woods with my square and measuring tape LOL!

What were these precisely cut slabs used for?  Let me guess….some odd unknown religious ritual?  You know I heard a rather infamous archaeologist say one time that 10 thousand years from now future archeologists will dig up one of our toilets and now having any clue what it is or what it was used for they’ll tell people then that we used it for some sort of religious ritual LOL!  Well I guess that might be true if one prays on the toilet, no?

Everything about Puma Punku screams our at us that this was an ancient city built by SOMEONE with SOPHISTICATED stone cutting tools not bones and sticks!  Whoever built this place had some very precise technology to cut these stones so perfectly.  And the billion dollar question is what were the buildings used for?  Most likely NOT religious rituals!  The whole site smells of TECHNOLOGY!

For me the jury is still out on Puma Punku as I don’t have enough evidence yet to convince me one way or the other about who built it, aliens or man OR a combination thereof.  So I’ll keep researching Puma Punku and following the trail of evidence wherever it may lead.  But one thing I will say is this.  DON’T underestimated ancient man!  They were as dumb as you may have been taught and they were NOT exactly the spear caring APE MEN either!  In fact, evidence from around the globe STRONGLY suggests that not so long ago there was a highly advanced technological society of humans on this planet that somehow met with great demise and ruin.

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