BIGFOOT: Gigantopithecus? Human Hybrid? What is it?

Living in the Dead Zone

bigfoot1When it comes to Bigfoot the classical question is, “Does Bigfoot really exist.”  Personally I think that is a non-question as there is far too much evidence indicating strongly that it does exist.  That evidence ranges from a multitude of individual sightings, to pictures, to tracks, and to hair.  The mere fact of the preponderence of evidence would stand up in any court of law.  So YES would be the answer to the question in my opinion.

The question now becomes what is it?  Is Bigfoot some form of previously unknown North American ape?  Is it some sort of distant relative from modern man, homo sapien?  Well to begin with if it is some sort of previously unknown ape it would not be special to North America as it is found all over the world from Nepal to Florida, from Siberia to Canada, from the deserts and forests of Arizona…

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